Tommy Hyland is known as the King of blackjack card counting. He has been counting cards since 1979, after being inspired by the book Playing Blackjack as a Business by Lawrence Revere.

Tommy Hyland’s original blackjack team started out in Atlantic City. The team was made up of four players and each put $4000 into the team’s bankroll when they started out. Within a few months they had grown their bankroll to $50,000. Throughout the years the members of Hyland’s blackjack team have changed. For instance, the members of his original team went to play in Asia when things became difficult for card counters in Atlantic City. However, Hyland continues to add new members to his team and his success has continued.

Hyland has pretty much always played as part of a team. In fact, at one point his team had grown to 30 or 40 people. He likes playing as a team rather than an individual because it helps to smooth over the losses. If one person has a bad day then it’s usually smoothed out by the wins of teammates. There are Hyland team members scattered all over the country, made up of full time and part time players.

Hyland’s team uses a variety of strategies. They count cards, and use computer play, ace sequencing and shuffle tracking. However, Hyland is most known for his expertise as a card counter and has passed on his skills to many team members over the years. His favorite method of card counting is the high/low system. This is the only count he has ever used and clearly it works well for him. He says that counting cards is the only way to successfully play blackjack.

Because Hyland has been counting cards for so long he is recognized at many casinos. He and his team have used disguises throughout the years and he once even disguised himself as Santa Claus at a casino in Atlantic City. However, these days disguises are less important as there are laws, specifically in Atlantic City and Missouri, that prevent casinos from barring card counters.

These days, Hyland doesn’t visit the casinos as often as he used to but he still tries to hit the casino at least once a week. He was one of the original seven Blackjack Hall of Fame inductees and has secured his place as one of the most successful professional blackjack players of all time.


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