Max Rubin is a gambling expert who made waves in the world of blackjack and the world of gambling in general with his book, Comp City: A Guide to Free Gambling Vacations. He is one of the most well-known and revered casino gambling experts and is one of only twelve players that have been inducted to the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Max Rubin has been involved in the casino gambling industry for nearly forty years. He teaches players how to take advantage of the casino, but also works on the side of the casino, training casino employees and dealers to recognize card counting. However, he is a strong advocate for blackjack players’ rights and stands by the idea that casinos should let card counters be. He convinces casinos of this by telling them that most card counters don’t actually have the skill necessary to actually succeed at counting cards.

In his popular book Comp City, Rubin covers the power of comps, telling readers how they can take advantage of free food, drinks, accommodation and other great perks offered to high-action players. He also covers low-level card counting techniques, so that players can gain an edge on the casino while taking advantage of comps.

Max Rubin has also written over 100 articles for gambling magazines about blackjack and other casino games and made multiple television appearances. He has appeared on CBS’ 48 Hours, Breaking Vegas on the History Channel, and the World Series of Blackjack on GSN.


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