Lawrence Revere is different from many other professional blackjack players because he has been on both sides of the fence-he has worked as a professional blackjack player, counting cards and gaining an edge over the casino, but he also worked on the side of the casino. He spent time as a dealer, pit boss, and even casino owner. He lead a controversial life, being on both sides of the game, but his experience has also made him one of the foremost experts on the game of blackjack.

Revere always showed an interest in gambling. He dealt his first card game at the ripe age of thirteen in a barbershop in his home state of Iowa. He went on to study mathematics at the University of Nebraska and put his math skills to use developing winning blackjack strategies.

Revere has several card counting systems named after him, which he developed with Julian Braun. These systems are detailed in Revere’s popular book Playing Blackjack as a Business and include the Revere Point Count, Revere Five Count Strategy, Revere Plus-Minus Strategy and the Ten Count Strategy. Because Revere spent time working for the casinos as well as time playing he was able to provide insider information in his book. For this reason, Playing Blackjack as a Business has sold more copies than any other blackjack strategy book.

Revere was also known as a master of camouflage. Because he worked for the casinos it was important for him to disguise himself when he was playing. He would use fake names and disguise his appearance.

Revere passed away on April 23, 1977 of lung and liver cancer. However, he certainly made an important mark on the world of blackjack before his death.


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