Lance Humble is a professional blackjack player best known for co-authoring the book The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book with Kenneth Cooper. When many people think of professional blackjack players they think that they must have been playing the game forever. However, Lance Humble feel into the game by accident.

In 1970, Humble was teaching a course called Aspects of Gambling at York University in Toronto. He was teaching mainly about horseracing. However, several students asked him to teach them about casino games and how to beat them. He did some research and started learning about how to beat blackjack. He was a natural. He read Thorp’s Beat The Dealer, among other books, learned the Dubner point count and familiarized himself with basic blackjack strategy. He headed to Las Vegas to put his newfound skills to use, made a profit on his first trip and knew that this was the game for him.

Humble began taking lessons from Lawrence Revere, author of Playing Blackjack as a Business and doing all that he could to improve his skills. He studied up on the strategies of Stanford Wong, Barry Meadow, Ian Anderson, Arnold Snyder and Donald Schlesinger. Eventually he developed his own card counting systems-Hi-Opt I and Hi-Opt II-with Julian Braun. Hi-Opt I was designed as a simple system for the average person to use to win at blackjack. Hi-Opt II took the system to the next level, giving a much more accurate count. However, Humble asserts that Hi-Opt I is all that the average player needs to win at blackjack.

The system is outlined in Humble’s book, The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book. The book also covers everything from choosing a casino, how to interact with blackjack dealer’s, talking to the casino pit boss and knowing when and how to make a quick exit.


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