Ken Einiger is all about being Number One. Crowned the Blackjack World Champion five years ago in 2005, Einiger has won six blackjack tournaments and has competed in the finals more than twenty times. He has a passion for winning and is one of the most rambunctious blackjack celebrities in the world of professional blackjack.

Ken Einiger began playing blackjack in earlier years, but it was not until the early 1990s that his career as a blackjack pro really started taking off. His tournament career started in December of 1991, when he took 5th place in a blackjack tournament at the Riviera Casino. He continued playing in tournaments in the 90s, honing his skills and learning new strategies so that he could come out on top in tournament play.

In 2003, Einiger moved to Las Vegas and started playing blackjack full time. He was a success, winning four tournaments between 2004 and 2005 and in 2005 was declared the Blackjack World Champion in the World Series of Blackjack. Among the players that he beat out in the final table were blackjack greats Stanford Wong and Rick Jensen.

So how does Einiger strategize against other pro blackjack players in tournament play? He says that his strategy is to make small bets in the early hands of the game. As he progresses further in the tournament he begins pushing out more chips. He also pays attention to how many chips his competitors have and never lets them get too far ahead in chip count. However, he admits that no matter how skilled of a player you are you still need a lot of luck if you want to make it big. Einiger considers himself very lucky.

Ken Einiger is proud of his success but he doesn’t keep his winning secrets to himself. He released a book after winning the World Series of Blackjack called Play To Win. In his book, Einiger introduces readers to the world of tournament blackjack. He gives readers tips about how to find blackjack tournaments, determine whether or not they should play in a specific tournament, register and more. He also offers his services as a teacher, travelling around the country and giving private blackjack lessons and teaching seminars.


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