John May is a well-known blackjack expert and author of the book Get the Edge at Blackjack. He currently lives in Ireland, but has travelled the world playing in casinos everywhere from Europe to Asia.

John May got his start in 1990 when he read the book The Money-Spinners by Jacques Black. He read the book on a whim, while passing time in a public library in Belfast. He was hooked and from then on blackjack became his life.

John May’s strategy is unique. While many other professional players focus on card counting and basic strategy alone, May finds other aspects of advantage play equally important, if not more important. He finds cover and camouflage, card steering, card sequencing and other advantage play methods to be highly profitable and thinks that more players should focus on these aspects of strategy.

May’s book, Get the Edge at Blackjack covers a wide range of topics, starting out with basic blackjack rules and strategy, moving on to card counting, and then touching on more advanced advantage play methods. He covers Hole Card Play, Glim Play, Stacker Play and more, gives the skinny on shuffle machines, progression betting and more. John uses a combination of all of these methods in his own play.

The book also covers Internet casino strategy. May spends a lot of time playing in Internet casinos, as he lives in Ireland where there are few opportunities for live casino play. However, blackjack is his career. He has no other job, plays blackjack on a very regular basis and has become one of the most successful blackjack players of all time.


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