Bryce Carlson is one of the most well-known professional blackjack players. He has been playing the game for nearly 40 years and wrote one of the most successful blackjack books-Blackjack For Blood. Carlson started playing blackjack in the 1970s. For him, the draw of blackjack was not so much making money, although that was a nice perk. The real draw of the game was beating the casinos, which many people said was impossible.

Bryce Carlson learned to win at the game by trading tips with a number of blackjack greats over the years. He has met Stanford Wong, Lawrence Revere, Kenny Uston, Peter Griffin, Don Schlesinger, Arnold Snyder and others. He learned everything from card counting strategies to camouflage, team play and more from these players. He also learned through reading books written by great players including Thorp’s Beat The Dealer and Kenny Uston’s Million Dollar Blackjack.

When Internet blackjack started to become popular in the late 90s, Carlson was active in online blackjack sites. He and other well-known players from all over the world would gather at Internet casinos and play together. Today he still plays in online casinos from time to time, though he prefers to play under a pseudonym so he can participate more casually. If people know Bryce Carlson is in the room then he is often bombarded with newbie questions, which can get old.

Bryce Carlson’s book, Blackjack For Blood, is one of the most comprehensive blackjack books there is. He wrote it for readers that don’t know anything about blackjack and starts out with the basics and then goes on to strategies and tips to make world-class players. In the book he presents the strategies that work for him. He uses the Advanced Omega II System for card counting when he plays, a system that is described in his book. Carlson also developed the Omega II Blackjack Machine, a blackjack computer software, a card counting software that he developed to help him analyze the game to improve his playing.

Bryce Carlson has contributed a lot to blackjack strategy with his book and has become one of the best blackjack players in the world. Through his contact with other professional blackjack players he has developed a strong knowledge of all aspects of blackjack strategy and has been nice enough to share this knowledge through Blackjack For Blood.


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