How to Win Blackjack

You don’t need a crystal ball to tell you your fortunes. In blackjack, you can be a winner with a few important skills. Blackjack is a card game that is played at the casino tables. The object is to reach a total of 21 and not go over. If your cards are a closer total to 21 than the dealer, then you are a winner!

One major point to remember when going for the win is to stick to your disciplined strategy. Blackjack odds give the house a 5-8% advantage. When you play with a disciplined strategy you can knock down that advantage to almost zero. If you are keen to learn a card counting system, you can take the advantage over the house. Starting with an understanding of the “basic blackjack strategy” tables is good business. Memorize this and you are making educated strides at becoming a real blackjack winner.

If you have an Ace, you should always split. Splitting your cards is one of the very best ways that a player can win playing a game of blackjack. Beware of the compulsion to split two tens or face cards. Statistically, you are better off sticking with that original 20.

Double down when you have an 11! Doubling means that you double your bet after your first two cards are dealt. This is one of the most promising ways to make up some of your bank. The same “basic strategy” comes in handy when trying to decide when to double down. Watch for the dealer’s Achilles’ heel as he is forced to take hit after hit to cover your apparent good hand.

In addition to good strategy and some old-fashioned memorization, don’t diminish the power of a good mindset. A winner has a winning attitude. Don’t let a bad hand shake your strategy or confidence. Play consistently and with a positive attitude to ensure every decision is made shrewdly. Winning at blackjack is a very realistic undertaking. When skill and luck intersect, get ready for blackjack.