Blackjack Odds

The best reason to get your head in the game of blackjack is the great odds. This game is one game where the house edge is bearable. Blackjack is a card game that has been played all over the world for hundreds of years. The objective is to hold cards that total 21 or as close to 21 as possible. A unique feature in this game is that each player only needs to compete against the dealer. No matter how many players come to the table with a better hand than you, you only need to beat the dealer.

To understand the odds of the blackjack game that you are in, you must know how many decks are in the dealer’s shoe that he is dealing from. Blackjack games may use any number of decks in a shoe from one deck to eight. All of these details add up for savvy players. Check out the blackjack “odds calculators” that are online if you want an example of the complex criteria you can consider when choosing to “hit” or “stay”.

When you walk into the game, the house starts off with about a 5-8% advantage, depending on how controlled you play the game. If you play a disciplined and consistent strategy, you can reduce this house advantage to something near 0.5%! Effective card counters have been known to take advantage out of the hands of the casino. Opportunities to reduce and even your odds against the house have always been an inspiration to intelligent players.

An option to “surrender” is still offered in some casinos. When holding the worst possible hand, you have a chance to give up the hand and lose half of your bet. When considering this last-ditch option, remember that even having a 25% chance of winning will give you a better result on average than 50% loss you take on”surrender”.

The number of cards in the shoe and the consistency of your strategy will determine your odds in blackjack. Whether you stick to a basic blackjack strategy or learn a system to count cards, blackjack is a game of mixed skill and luck. Play wisely to enjoy the experience.