Glossary Blackjack Player Should Keep in Mind

Blackjack: Blackjack is more than the name of the game, but also your objective. 21 points is a perfect score and your hope in this game.

Hit: The player wants to take more cards from the dealer to try and get closer to 21.

Stay or Stand Pat: The player is happy with the total of the cards.

Bust: Be careful when you choose to hit because if your cards total is over 21 points, then you are busted and you lose the hand.

Split: If your first two cards are the same point value you have the option to split them and turn your one hand into two hands. Beware of the common trap new players fall prey to with this option. If you have two tens or two face cards, stay with your original 20. It is hard to do better than that.

Double Down: After the original two cards are dealt, there is an option to double your bet. Depending on the house rules, doubling may be reserved for 10 and 11 totals only. You must take a hit after doubling down.

Card Counting: Actually this is not against the law, but it is against the house rules. Card counters keep a running count in their head in an attempt to diminish the house advantage. There are several systems that assign a point value to a card (usually +1, 0 or -1) and then divide the running total by the number of decks remaining for a true total.

Basic Strategy: This basic strategy is a title; a proper noun; a reference to a specific table that every blackjack player should memorize. This table tells players the best time to hit or stay based on the player’s total and the dealer’s up card.