Arnold Snyder is one of the top ranking blackjack players in the world. He is also one of the most renowned teachers in the industry, having written a number of books and a blackjack trade journal. As one of the original seven Blackjack Hall of Fame inductees, Snyder is well known amongst professional blackjack players and the gambling community as a whole.

Arnold Snyder has been one of blackjack’s foremost teachers for decades. Since 1981 he has been editing a quarterly trade journal, Blackjack Forum. The trade journal is now online and Snyder has been spending time writing and editing the Blackjack Forum for free over the years, for the sheer pleasure of sharing his knowledge and the knowledge of other pros with the blackjack community. He has also written a number of popular blackjack books including Blackbelt in Blackjack, Big Book of Blackjack, How to Beat the Internet Casinos and Poker Rooms, The Blackjack Shuffle-Trackers Cookbook, The Blackjack Formula, and The Over/Under Report.

Snyder also sponsored a blackjack card counting simulation software called PowerSim Blackjack Card Counting Simulation Software. The software is offered to players at no charge and is a great tool that helps players to learn the rules of blackjack, strategies, tools, odds calculations, bankroll tips and card counting methods.

Between the PowerSim software, plethora of books and the hundreds of articles he has published on his Blackjack Forum, Snyder has taught virtually every aspect of the game of blackjack. He is a true master of his trade and has made his mark on the world of blackjack.


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