Become a Professional Blackjack Player

Welcome to! BlackjackBomb provides everything you need to know about advantage Blackjack play. We offer profiles of famous blackjack players on the site, and if you already know the rules and are looking for additional blackjack information then we can help you as well.

The basics must be mastered. If you are considering moving into blackjack more seriously, then you must master the basic blackjack strategy. Beyond that, mastering card counting systems and somehow aware about the blackjack cheating in both online and land-based blackjack is another must. By coming to the blackjack table with these basics under your belt, you have greatly diminished the house advantage. Now it is time to tango!

A professional blackjack player must be ready for anything. All games experience trends that may not be predictable and can upstage all that skill accumulated. Keeping your head is more important than it may sound. A professional blackjack player is ready to play their strategy and be aggressive in the game when appropriate. If that means a loss or a bust, then that is all part of the game. Even the pros are not immune to the bad beat. If these down swings in play upset a player’s frame of mind, then their decision-making ability suffers which ultimately translates to the bankroll suffering.

If there is one major difference between an amateur and a professional blackjack player, then it is the bankroll of a pro. To effectively play in a professional level game, be prepared to see minimum tables at $25. A $20,000 bankroll is the base expectation for going pro in blackjack.

Self-discipline, positive attitude, a significant bankroll and mad blackjack skills are the tools needed in your bag of tricks. Professional blackjack players are being born everyday online and there is plenty of room for more. Understand your strengths and your limits to succeed in this game as a professional.

We do NOT encourage the wagering at online casino, Playing Blackjack is fun, as long as you treat it as entertainment.

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